Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Info below will help you to apply for learning driving license without any help of broker.
Total cost will be Rs. 120-160.
Just follow these simple steps.
1)You require
i.   4 passport size photos
ii.  Original + photocopy of Address proof (voter id , ration card or any other valid address proof)
iii. Original + photocopy of Date of birth proof (PAN card ,Birth  certificate, 10th passing certificate or marksheet or any other date of birth certificate).
iv. Two envelops one for post with Rs 5 printed ticket and paste one Rs 20 speed post ticket on it and other blank envelop of approx. same size. Mention your name and receiving address on both.
NOTE: Photocopies of documents should be attested . You can also attest them and buy envelops by the officer outside the R.T.O. office parking gate.
He will take Rs.  40  for both envelops and Rs. 10 per doc or proof.
After completing above steps follow below ones.

2) Go to enquire office and buy  learning license form no.2 and form no. 1-A which cost Rs 4 and fill it with help of receptionist who gave you the form .
  Paste two photos on appropriate space provided for it.
  Attach 2 photos on the right top corner outside and documents/proofs & envelops inside.
  You should also mention ur mobile no. on the top of the form

3) After completing it, you should go for verification process outside room no.15 क at the back of enqire office with original documents between 10 a.m to1 p.m.
 This step is compulsory for all either u have come with help of broker
If u are GIRL then u will have your no. as u go.

4) After verification, pay registration fees Rs 60 on the counter no. 15 next to it  (he can charge  you Rs 10 extra for himself ,to avoid this u should give Rs 60 change).

5) Now u have to go to room no 12 inside from the  gate near room no.12 and 11  if gate is opened, if not u can go from enquire office also and find the room no. 12. and get signed your form with an officer  inside

6) Now go to room no. 15 inside give objective test having 16 easy questions only . After completing it, submit the test & pay the fees Rs 30.
You can see the demo of this test on this link http://aptransport.org/html/demotest.php .
This step will take 10-20 minutes depending on ur knowledge and common sense. You can take help with someone near u or with u.

NOTE: 1) To get your work on time you must go before 12 noon.
             2) TIMINGS of verification outside room no. 15 b/w 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  and for  test is b/w 10 a.m.to 2 p.m.

You will recieve your license through speed post at your posting address which u have mentioned on the post envelope in 10 to 15 days.

AVOID CORRUPTION with doing your work yourself and SAVE MONEY more than Rs. 500 per person.
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You can find the location of RTO office below.
If you are coming from NH-24  take a turn through HYUNDAI SHOWROOM.

This info was found out on 24 November 2012, if any changes occurred  after this then please inform me for others help.

For any further assistance  you can ask me without any hesitation on the mail link below.

Hey friends I really thank you for your reading this post. If you like my content then please share your experience with us after visiting the RTO office, so that everyone reading this post in future can go with confidence.
According to time there might be some changes so if you will share other can get the updated content.
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  1. Thank you very much for providing all Indians above mentioned useful information .

    1. your welcome.......
      thanks for ur comment......
      if you have something to share which can help others share it with us .....

  2. Thank you so much,,, very useful..
    One suggestion,, Form 1A is to be filled only in case of commercial license

  3. If you are legal or permanent resident and country does not issue the International driving permit you should be aware of the following: Consumers cannot legally drive in most countries without obtaining a temporary or permanent driver's license from the country our unofficial international translation of driver's license does not confer any driving privileges on consumers

  4. can u please tell where from the medical need to be collected

  5. Medical form is in the form itself, you have to only specify your medical status in that form which will verified by the officer on window no. 12 or room 12 from inside

  6. Dear sir,

    I have lost my DL, I wanna re-collect my DL. I have scan copy & photo copy of my DL & also fir copy.

    Kindly suggest.

    Sandeep Sighg

  7. If u have an FIR and the copy of DL then u can get the duplicate license from RTO office.
    I am not sure but have an idea that for obtaining duplicate you also required challan clearance from the Ghaziabad traffic police.
    then u have to submit a form for duplicate license(which u can get from the reception) along with these three document and physical fitness form with photographs.
    carry other id proof documents along with you so you don't have to face problem.
    if u find some more regarding this issue please notify us. So other can get help from this.
    if possible, i will later tell u the exact requirements for this.

  8. 1. Is RTO open on Saturdays?
    2. Can DL of Delhi be renewd from Ghaziabad as now i am Ghziabad resident?

  9. Yes, RTO is open on Saturdays till 12 noon.
    It can be renewed, but u may require some document from delhi. I don't know the exact requirement. But I suggest u ,u should go and try with all docs you have. If you find some problem, then go inside and find the assistant. He can help you.

  10. Its almost 15 days over I still haven't got my learner's license....Please advise to whom should I contact....

    1. If you believe answered the question paper correctly then
      I advise you to wait at least 15 days more, I hope it will come in next 2-3 days .
      Sometimes it happens due to other factors such as post or any other reason.
      This happens to some of my friends also.
      Some got it in a week and for others it take 1 month.
      You can go for confirmation of test result.

  11. Hi,I am a residents of MP and I am doing a job here.Can I apply for driving license here?I have all the documents like passport,voter Id card issued from MP.I do not have any address proof except rent agreement in UP.pls help me..

  12. i have downloaded all the needed forms and have all the desired documents but stiil i am having confusion that how to fill those forms and to whom should i meet there i have booked online time slot for 31 Dec 3-4 pm
    please guide yar.

  13. Hello Mr. Sanchit...please guide me in the case as follows. Driving License for my father was issued from Lucknow. We now stay in Ghaziabad (Indirapuram) as permanent residence. He is of 70yrs age. His license is expired now. We need to get a new license....is it to be renewed ?? or we have to start altogether with the learning and then the permanent license ?
    Regarding Medical form...is it to be verified by a Govt. Doctor or a private doctor ??
    Please advice.
    Thanks in advance.


    Will the rent agreement work for the address proof or Bank copy ?


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